Earl's "Run to Win!" is now a Book!

Earl Baker leads you sequentially through the logical, practical way to run a winning campaign for local or state office.

Earl Baker has run and won in 16 local and state elections in Pennsylvania. He has managed and advised in numerous other campaigns at all levels of American politics. Earl also has a Ph.D. in political science from American University. He has taught literally thousands of people how to successfully campaign. Earl Baker now heads up his own government relations firm and directs the Executive Leaders Program of the Pennsylvania Business Council.

Heroes & Hypocrites -- Poems of Politics

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In this collection of poems about politics and political life in America, Earl Baker tells the reader how our system of democracy really works in practice. Written to entertain as well as inform, it reveals how people in politics think and feel, what motivates them, and what makes our system successful despite the flaws and quirks. Taking his cue from Ogden Nash, Earl uses verse to express his thoughts with tongue-in-cheek humor, and makes some serious points as well.


Earl Baker has done it all in American political life. From being elected a Committeeman in his own town of Malvern, Pennsylvania, then three-term Chester County Commissioner, two-term Senator in the General Assembly, State Chairman of his party, to being a National Convention Delegate and Presidential Elector, he was on the ballot 16 times and never lost an election. He has also been a naval officer, college political science professor, corporate executive, government relations consultant, and is a member of the Chester County Library Board. Earl is uniquely qualified to write these poems from deep inside the culture of our political system!